Service: MMC

Conversations that count

Step into Katie’s shoes as she leads stakeholder engagement and cultivates valuable conversations to drive the DLUHC MMC project forward

The Platform Journey

With the brilliant Churton Studio, we’ve released ‘the Platform Journey’… a story of delivering better outcomes for people and the planet. It’s 100% AI Generated,

Platforms in the Wild

With the Tier 1 market fraught with challenges, the adoption of product platforms may unlock long-terms benefits, assuming organisations can wait that long

The Platform Rulebook 1.2

The updated Product Platform Rulebook addresses the Government’s ambitions to accelerate the adoption of platform solutions – boosting productivity, innovation and quality

Our name is shared with George Akerlof, a Nobel Prize-winning economist.

His seminal paper, Market for Lemons, demonstrated the devastating consequences of making decisions under the conditions of quality uncertainty and unequal information between buyers and sellers, increasing the chance of buyers ending up with a ‘lemon’.

This 50-year-old concept continues to retain parallels within the construction industry.

Through our insight and experience, we can rebalance this information asymmetry on behalf of our clients, levelling the playing field to deliver better outcomes.